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delivered and registered

If you already have your license when you buy an EMD Electric Motorbike, we will deliver it registered and ready to ride. From the moment you receive it, scoot away!


reduce your carbon footprint

Our Scooters are 100% electric and produce no emissions. Thank you for helping make a positive difference to our environment.


60-80km range

The 9Kg lithium-lon battery is 100% removable. Which means you can park anywhere and get a charge from any wall outlet.Upstairs at home, maybe at work?


led lights and display

All lights plus the display are LED powered. This means you are very easy to see, day and night! Cheeky alert: Colour options for the panel.


I never needed a Scooter like this so badly until I bought one from these guys.. I get to and from work virtually for free!


Surry Hills

I was stopped by another scooter rider who asked if my scooter was electric, proudly I said “yes”! After saying how much he loved the LED lights on to one, he went on to say that he oaid over $6000 for his!



Initially I was worried abut the top speed but after riding it to and from the city, it is more than enough to stay with the traffic and look good while I’m doing it!



Genuinely stoked with the purchase and still shocked that it just charges in the wall! As a Uni student finding a park before class used to be a nightmare but now I’m early and can spend those petrol dollars on a coffee or two.


Sunshine Coast

Would 100% recommend to anymore looking at a change in commuting and I can’t wait to reduce my Carbon footprint



What an amazing product! I am from Brisbane, the O.G. scooter has helped me a lot to commute and saved me heaps of parking fees!



Why us?

3 reasons to make the best choice

We help you be the change you want

One scooter at a time, we are taking cars off the road. By providing a sustainable and efficient way to travel to and from work, the beach or wherever really we are helping you be the change you want to see on our roads!


Designed specifically for Australian roads

We work directly with the factory, this not only allows us to bring you such amazing products cheaper but also means our product fits perfectly into the lives of Australians.


Extremely easy to maintain

Not only is your electric motorbike beautiful and environmentally friendly but they are also incredibly easy to maintain. Due to not needing easy to maintain. Due to not needing any combustion, oil or fuel in the motor, there are far less moving parts reducing the risk of any wear and tear faults.

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